Espinosa Martial Arts

EMA is based out of Pleasanton California and teaches a Filipino Martial Art called Kombatan (Comb-baton). Most know Filipino Martial Arts as "Arnis", "Eskrima" or "Kali" and the students as "Stick Fighters" because you normally see us swinging sticks at each other.

Guro Ramon Espinosa is a Lakan Tatlo (3rd Degree Blackbelt) in Kombatan and has studied under Master Alex France.  He started his Martial Arts training in Aikido and Kung Fu in 2000, and has been studying and improving his skills since 2005 in his primary art of Kombatan.
Kombatan is a Filipino Martial Art (FMA), which combines several classical and modern styles. We teach students to learn several different approaches to different attacks. Drills, that improve the reflexes and reactions of students,are very important in training of Kombatan.  
Usually the first thing that is taught in martial arts, are techniques from a specific stance. On one hand, this helps learning but on the other hand, studying this way requires years of practice to be able to use these techniques in free fight.
Unlike in many Asian martial arts, Kombatan students will first learn to use weapons and defend themselves against them. This is very common in FMA and Filipino colture, where both women and men use swords and knives in their daily work. This is why it is more popular to defend oneself using a weapon than without it. Training with sticks is also safer than training without them (when training without weapons, strikes and kicks are performed on the body). When the student learns to defend himself/herself against a weapon, it is easier to learn to defend oneself against an unarmed opponent Kombatan includes hand and weapon techniques. Empty hand techniques are based on the paths of the weapons.  
Kombatan combines several different martial arts and it focuses on reacting instinctively. It is ”an art within an art”.  Kombatan is based on 12 angles of attack. These angles have 12 basic ways of counterattack (with feet, hands or weapons). The students learn several different strikes, kicks and blocks, locks, grapplings, sweeps, throws and takedowns, blocks, counterattacks and disarms with weapons, armed and unarmed sparring, footwork, solo and doble baston drills as well as solo and doble baston sparring and combinations.
Kombatan is comprised of sub-systems which are:
  • Solo Baston (Single Stick)
  • Doble Baston (Double Stick)
  • Mano Mano (Empty hands)
  • Espada y Daga (Sword and Dagger)
  • Daga sa Daga (Knife to Knife)
  • Dulo Dulo (Palm Stick)
  • Bankaw (Staff)
  • Dumog (Standing grappling, throws, sweeps, joint locks)
  • Balisong (Butterfly knife)